$3M/Yr Plumbing Franchise

Boring, stable & ridiculously profitable

A plumbing franchise is one of the most recession-proof business in the world.

It's boring, stable, and can be ridiculously profitable.

No plumbing experience is required to join the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise, the 3rd largest plumbing company in the US:

Why “Benjamin Franklin”?

When you have a shituation you can't wait days for a plumber to show up. You need help ASAP.

Time is money

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing knows this & promises customers a $5 credit for every minute they are late past the promised time.

Business Model

They focus on simple residential & light commercial work. They fix or replace:

  • Toilets/Sinks

  • Drains

  • Water Heaters

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Faucets/Showers/Tubs

  • Water & gas lines

They don't do any new construction or big projects. They keep it simple which makes it much easier to hire & manage.

Every customer pays at the time of service so you aren't dealing with billing & collections.

How Much Can You Make?

The FDD only disclosure top line sales, which have been on 🔥

In 2022 the average franchisee did over $3M in sales, up over $500k from 2021. The biggest franchisee almost doubled in size going from $12.8M to $23.7M.

You'll have to speak to current franchisees to model out net profit.

New franchisees usually start small with 2 trucks then add as the business grows.

No Plumbing Experience?

Most franchisors, including Benjamin Franklin, want entrepreneurs who can build a team, follow a process & create a great culture.

You will hire licensed plumbers to do the actual work.

This is the best part of franchising. You can get into any business & learn it very quickly due to the training & support. I own 32 auto repair shops and I have zero mechanical skills.

Is it easy to hire good plumbers? No.

Is it easy to hire good mechanics? No.

Difficulty in hiring is one of the biggest reasons we've been able to grow through acquisition. Other franchisees get tired of all the bullshit and want out.

How Much Does It Cost?

Start up costs are between $128k to $223k for a single territory of 100,000 people.

This includes the franchisee fee, rent, 2 vehicle leases, outfitting the truck, insurance, licensing, working capital & more. The nice thing about about mobile businesses is you can expand your territory without significantly increasing your overhead.

Net Worth: $250,000 (minimum)

Royalties: 6%

Brand Fund: starts 1.5% and decreases with volume

Local Marketing: $3,000 per month (minimum)

Looking for funding? Checkout my post on 10 ways to fund your franchise.

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We arm you with tools, resources & knowledge to give you confidence in your decision. It costs you nothing.

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Stack Brands

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is part of a large franchise holding company called Authority Brands. Sister brands include One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Mister Sparky.

Many Benjamin Franklin franchisees also operate One Hour Heating & Air and/or a Mister Sparky in the same territory.

All three have a very similar business model just with different trades. All three could be run out of the same warehouse. All three could be supported by one back office team.

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