Emerging B2B Pavement Maintenance Franchise

Highly fragmented + boring = $$

Everline Coatings is an emerging B2B pavement maintenance franchise

Some of the highlights:

  • Established National Accounts

  • $100k cash (+ debt) investment

  • $746k avg revenue in 2022

  • Home based to start

Business Model

They are NOT laying down new asphalt, which requires a HUGE investment & skilled labor.

Everline offers "pavement maintenance" services, which are easy & high-margin

  • line striping

  • seal coating

  • crack-filling

  • asphalt repair

  • power washing

  • custom stenciling

  • speed bumps & signs

They are developing a recurring-revenue subscription model to help companies save money by proactively maintaining the parking lot instead of waiting for a serious/expensive issue.

All of the equipment you need to start fits in a trailer.

Every business with a parking lot is a potential customer:

  • landlords

  • municipalities

  • banks & hotels

  • industrial parks

  • chain restaurants

  • general contractors

  • commercial prop managers

There is no national player in the space. It's occupied with many "mom & pop" operators.

Franchisors love highly fragmented industries like this. They can capture market share with advertising, systems & professionalism.

They establish national accounts with companies like Target, 7-11, Speedway, CVS, etc.

The more franchisees they have across the country, the easier this becomes. Big companies want to work with other big companies

A typical job:

Start-Up Costs

The start-up costs vary based on how many territories you buy, which equipment you select & how you pay for it (loan vs. lease)

Ballpark $250k to $300k total investment. The franchisor will review in detail the start-up costs. You can find more information in Item 7 of the FDD.

They are SBA-approved & have equipment leasing partners who can finance ~70% of the start-up costs, which means you need around $100k cash. My team can provide you with 10+ ways to fund your franchise.

You can begin by operating out of your home to keep overhead low. You start with one truck & equipment rig. Buy more equipment & move to a small warehouse as you grow.

Brief History

Everline was founded in 2012 in Canada. In 2017, they started franchising in Canada. In 2022, they began franchising in the US.

They have 12+ franchises in Canada & 20+ franchises open in the US.


In the 2023 FDD, they provide a lot of financial information of the 12 Canadian franchises.

They provide the P&L for their corporate-run location that did $2.1M in 2022. They show a 33% margin "after disclosed expenses".

Average location did $746k in sales (up from $653k in 2021)

They provide the average number of clients & sales per client, the close rate on won vs. lost proposals, gross margin by quadrant, & YOY Growth.

Everline is almost entirely business-to-business. As the owner, you should be comfortable working with other businesses. You will network with other business owners, work the big accounts, hire, & lead the team.

Probably not the right franchise if you’re afraid to occasionally get your hands dirty

Next Steps

I hosted Everline on a 30-minute webinar a few weeks ago. Watch it here

Reply to this email with your name, zip code, phone & email if interested to learn more.

My team will confirm your territory is open and provide tools, checklists & resources to give you confidence.

It costs you absolutely nothing. We get paid a referral fee by the franchisor if you join. If Everline doesn’t work out, my team works with you to find another franchise that matches your goals, budget, skills & location.


Brian Beers