The Fastest Growing Painting Franchise

$987k avg sales w/ $86k+ start-up costs

That 1 Painter is one of the fastest-growing, low-cost painting franchises. I've helped multiple people around the country become franchisees this year.

Here's why they bought in:

Business Model

A painting franchise is just a sales & marketing company. The painting industry is highly fragmented and unsophisticated. Any kid can create a website, buy drop clothes, and advertise on Facebook.

That 1 Painter has a solid process to cut through the noise to generate leads & convert those leads into appointments for franchisees.

The process looks like this:

Their in-house marketing team in Austin does all the marketing for franchisees. They have experts on staff doing social media, SEO, PPC & other acronyms. Every marketing channel is tracked to determine what provides the best ROI.

All leads generated flow through their in-house Austin-based call center. The agents are texting & talking to those leads with one goal: book an appointment for the franchisee.

The franchisee (or sales rep) visits to estimate & sell the job. Once sold, the franchisee contracts 1099 painters to perform the job.

This process provides a better customer experience and saves the payroll expense for the franchisee.

How Much Can You Make?

In the 2023 FDD, they provide the top-line sales of the 6 locations that operated the full 12 months of 2022.

The founding location in Austin did $3.4M in revenue

They averaged $987k in sales per territory

Unfortunately, they don't provide anything more than top-line sales.

To estimate your net profit, you'll talk to existing franchisees. They can tell you their gross profit, net margins, unexpected expenses, etc.

There are two main employee roles:

  • Sales - estimate & sell the jobs

  • Project Manager - coordinating between the customer & the painters to make sure everything is done right

As the franchisee, you could assume one of these roles to save payroll.

What's It Cost?

From the 2023 FDD total estimated start-up is $85k to $116k.

The franchise fee is $49k for one territory of a 200k population. The rest is grand opening marketing, working capital, & other costs.

You can buy additional 200k population territories at a discounted rate.

They only require a minimum net worth of $75,000. They allow for “semi-absentee” ownership if you have a solid GM who can run the day-to-day.

Company Background

Steven Montgomery built the business from scratch over ten years ago. I interviewed Steven on my podcast a few weeks ago

  • 2011: founded

  • 2021: started franchising, sold 3 territories

  • 2022: +33 new territories

  • 2023: +34 new territories through May

Steven thinks they will end 2023 with 120 to 150 territories.

The leadership team is the most important factor in an emerging brand. You must believe in the leader's ability to execute the growth plan, innovate & overcome challenges.

Everyone I've helped become a That 1 Painter franchisee has spoken very highly about Steven & his team.

That 1 Painter is just the beginning. They have plans to help franchisees build a home services empire. Steven just launched their 2nd brand, "Garage Up" to renovate garages. T1P franchisees could operate both brands in the same territory, selling to the same customer base.

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