A Franchise That Sells Happiness on a Stick

Lifestyle business low-cost + high-margin

There is a franchise for everyone, whether you are looking to invest $600k+ into tree service, $300k into a salon, $150k into junk removal, or $70k into gourmet popsicles.

Frios Gourmet Popsicles is an excellent option if you want a low-cost, high-margin, flexible-schedule business to generate additional income.

WARNING: you may experience an intense popsicle craving by reading this Newsletter

7 reasons Why I Love Frios Gourmet Popsicles:

#1 Simple Business Model

It's a modern-day ice cream truck selling pre-packaged gourmet popsicles

No kitchen, no food prep, no clean up, no fryers, etc. You're just handing out popsicles, selling "happiness on a stick."

#2 Flavors

They have a ton of creative flavors, all made with 4-5 natural ingredients. All of the popsicles are hand-made at the franchisor's facility in Alabama. The fruity options are gluten-free, vegan & nut-free. A couple highlights:

- Key Lime Pie- Pink Lemonade- Root Beer Float- Pineapple Mango- Cookies N Cream- Blueberry Cheesecake- Peppermint White Choc

Would you rather have your kids eat a Strawberry popsicle made with real strawberries, or "strawberry-flavored" liquid sugar poured over ice?

#3 Revenue Streams

You have 3 sources of revenue.

1) Retail: school events, football games, festivals, farmers markets, parades, weddings, birthday parties, block parties, & more.

2) Corporations: sell to companies that stock their work freezer, celebrate accomplishments, or give company parties

3) Wholesale: sell to restaurants, resorts, country clubs, & bars who will re-sell the pops at a profit

#4 Low Fixed Royalty

Most franchises charge royalty as % of sales. Frios charges a fixed royalty of $400 per month.

Sell $5k in a month, pay $400

Sell $10k in a month, pay $400

Sell $25k in a month, pay $400

Want to learn more? I will personally introduce you to Cliff, the Frios CEO, work with you through the entire process. I arm you with knowledge, questions, references & tools

#5 Flexibility

You have the flexibility to run the business as you want. You could "all-in" and do everything yourself:

- Schedule events
- Run the events
- B2B sales
- Book every weekend
- Drive neighborhoods during the weekdays

Get your family, kids, & friends to help out when you're booked up.

Or you could run as a "semi-absentee." Hire someone to do all those activities, and pay them a % of profits, salary, or hourly.

Whoever runs the business needs to be outgoing, great with people, & want to have a positive impact on their community. No grinches!

#6 Low Cost to Start

All-in you can get started for $66k, which includes the franchise fee, downpayment on the "sweet ride van", opening inventory & working capital.

You need liquid capital of $50k with a minimum net worth of $250k.

They also have the option to buy in for even less, build sales, then buy the truck after 6 months.

You’ll get an exclusive territory of 200,000 people. They help map out your territory to maximize the potential with schools, events, wholesale, etc. You can buy additional 200k territories for $17,000 each.

Frios is one of the most affordable franchises that exist. Most franchises charge $40-60k franchisee fee for a 200,000 population territory.

A story just came out in Entrepreneur about one of Frio's most successful franchisees and another one here.

#7 CEO Story

I recently interviewed the CEO, Cliff Kennedy, on my podcast

He started as a Frios franchisee in 2018 and bought out the franchisor within a year. He transformed the company since then, 3X-ing the franchise from 20 units to 60+

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Interested in learning more?

I will personally introduce you to the Frios CEO and work with you through the entire process. I arm you with knowledge, 20+ questions to ask the franchisor, 20+ questions to ask other franchisees, referrals for franchise-specific CPAs & more!