Why Franchising?

Ep #100 Franchise Fridays

Today marks the 100th episode of the Business with Beers podcast. Thank you for supporting me along this journey!

One of the questions I get all the time is: "Why do own a franchise? Aren't you restricted, have to follow all these rules, and pay a ton of money to the franchisor"

Those are all true statements. You have to follow the rules and pay to play.

The number one reason people buy a franchise is speed to scale. Owning a franchise puts you in the fast lane to start and grow a business. You are turning decades into days. Decades of trial & error, systems, processes, and branding into days when you are trained & given the playbook on how to run the business.

In this week’s Franchise Friday episode I dive into the top 4 ways a franchise provides speed to scale.

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One of the best ways you can accelerate your growth as a franchisee is to surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs who are a couple of steps ahead of you. For those with W2 jobs looking to buy a franchise, you need a confidential community to ask questions and get support.

I've started a free private community to help people get started on their journey to build wealth through franchising.

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