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Ep #98 Intro to Franchise Fridays

Many people think buying a franchise means buying yourself a job.

The truth is you can make a franchise business as big as you want. Within the last 6 years, we’ve scaled our franchise auto repair business to 30 locations, employ 200 great people and generate $36 million a year in sales.

Franchise Fridays

This week I launched a new podcast series called Franchise Fridays that are dedicated to the world of franchising:

  • Why Franchising vs. Independent

  • How to select a brand

  • How to find a franchise to buy

  • How to roll up franchises

  • How to use owner financing

  • Multiple episodes on the Franchise Disclosure Document

  • Franchise business breakdowns

If there is a specific topic or brand you'd like me to do a deep dive on, shoot me a message.


One of the best ways you can accelerate your growth as a franchisee is to surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs who are a couple of steps ahead of you. For those with W2 jobs looking to buy a franchise, you need a confidential community to ask questions and get support.

I'm starting a free private community to help people get started on their journey to build wealth through franchising.

If you are interested in joining, go to to sign up


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