goGlow: Disrupting The Spray Industry

Incredible margins + recurring revenue + easy to hire

goGlow wants to disrupt the $1.8B spray-tan industry.

Franchisees can capitalize on:

  • Incredible margins (~35%)

  • Custom-built equipment

  • Genius labor model

  • Recurring revenue

Here we go 👇️ 

Business Model

goGlow provides airbrush spray tans.

The founder, Melanie, has developed a line of natural skin care products and proprietary equipment to provide a consistent experience.

Many customers purchase a monthly subscription of $50 to $100.

Within 90 days of signing, you launch in a salon suite.

This launch strategy allows you to:

  • Hire your team

  • Learn the business

  • Build recurring revenue

At the same time, you start looking for a "flagship" retail location. This will be ~1,200 square feet in a nice strip center.

It'll take you 6 to 9 months to find & build out the salon. The good news is you're building the business in the suite during this time.

I love this strategy.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The 2023 FDD Item 19 provides 2022 P&Ls for the three corporate locations.

The locations averaged $485k in sales with "revenue less disclosed operating expenses" of $236k (35%).

The best did $949k sales & $409k.

COGS only 13.8%

Payroll is only 17.5%, including the management

Genius Labor Model

Payroll costs are normally around 25% for most businesses.

How do they keep payroll so low at only 17%?

The FDD includes details on their corporate labor model. The average hourly wage to the employer is only $12.47, but employees receive over $18 tips per hour, netting them $31 per hour in total comp.

They can teach anyone how to provide a goGlow. This creates a huge labor pool with no certifications needed.

Customers book a time & whoever is on schedule applies the spray tan. In other salon businesses, customers are loyal to the employees & will follow them to a competitor.

Employees also have flexible schedules & many work part-time.

To summarize: $31 per hour, flexible schedule, and anyone can learn how to do it.

Start-Up Costs & Ideal Franchisees

$232k to $398k for a single location. This includes the franchise fee, flagship build-out, opening inventory, working capital & more. Item 7 of the FDD has the full breakdown.

They offer multi-unit development deals for qualified candidates.

goGlow requires female ownership. Their ideal franchisees are strong females leaving Corporate America or power couples passionate about health & beauty.


goGLOW was founded in 2011 by Melanie Richards.

They started franchising in Q4 of 2023. Today they have 4 corporate locations and 3 franchisees, including a former C-Suite exec from European Wax Center.

Check out my podcast with Melanie to hear the full story.

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