Launching The 8-Figure Franchisee

A private group for high-performing franchisees

We just launched The 8-Figure Franchisee, an exclusive community for high-performing franchisees.

Why Join?

Proximity is power.

You exponentially increase your personal power and potential by surrounding yourself with experienced, knowledgeable, and influential people.

Proximity doesn't just mean physical closeness. It means building relationships and engaging in deep conversations about what truly matters.

Who's This For?

It’s for driven owners who want to take their business & life to the next level by surrounding themselves with other growth-minded franchise entrepreneurs.

We all come from different backgrounds but have the same goal: to live an 8-figure life. Half of that is money: sales to $10M+, net worth to $10M+, and cash flow to $10M+

The other half of an 8-figure life is personal. Having more time & freedom to live on your terms and building stronger relationships with your family. Developing a greater sense of purpose and giving back to those in need.

What Will We Talk About?

Running a business can be lonely. A franchise helps by having a baked-in community.

However, you are still limited within the silo of your brand. This community will break down those barriers to bring together the best ideas across different brands & industries.

You will find answers to questions you can't ask anywhere else:

- When do I start adding staff?
- What is the right time to expand?
- How do I structure owner financing?
- When do I pour more into marketing?
- How do I deal with this employee issue?
- How do I protect cash flow in the 1st year?
- How do I create leverage with the franchisor?

This community can help.

What Does Membership Look Like?

1) Monthly Roundtables - Live group calls to discuss important topics: hiring & retaining talent, marketing, operations, scaling, real estate, tax strategies & more.

2) Digital Community - connect with members to share, learn, and build authentic relationships.

3) Live Events - members will receive discount rates for our annual in-person mastermind plus regional dinner meet-ups.

4) Content Library - documents & templates such as NDAs, purchase agreements, owner finance notes, bonus plans, KPI templates, SOPs & more.

5) Expert Guest Speakers - thought leaders & industry experts will share their knowledge with us.

6) Professional Referrals - a curated list of vetted CPAs, attorneys, insurance brokers, and more.

This is just the beginning.

Next Steps

We are building this community from the ground up and need founding members with a "Hell Yes, I'm in!" mentality.

The founding members will get a discounted membership rate for the first year plus OG status for life.

Why Isn’t It Free?

Membership is an investment in yourself.

For high performers, there is no better investment than betting on yourself.

Money makes you show up. The more people that show up, the stronger community we build, and the more value we create.

Find a free Facebook Group if you want a “community” of random, uncommitted people.

What Are Our Core Values?

Core values are who you are as a person. You thrive when surrounded by people who share the same values and hate being around those who don’t.

The 8-Figure Franchisee Core Values:

Growth - every day you strive to get better. You set huge goals and take action to make it happen. You want to grow in all aspects of your life: business, finances, health, relationships, & mindset.

Trust - 100% confidentiality within the group is required. Members will be sharing ideas, challenges, & issues. Anyone who breaks trust will be immediately removed.

Humility - you aren’t the smartest big-shot in the room. You care more about helping others than yourself.

Who Shouldn’t Join?

We don’t want franchisees on cruise control. Those satisfied with being average (or below) and doing the bare minimum to get by.

We don’t want self-centered people who only care about themselves.

The more you put in, the more you get out. If you don’t attend calls and events or build new relationships, there’s no point in joining.

We only want ambitious franchisees ready to 10X their business & life. Owners who are committed to doing whatever it takes to grow.

Let’s Build An 8-Figure Life

A single idea, strategy, or relationship could change the entire course of your life.

Stack the odds in your favor. Join today to become a founding member.

Please reach out if you have any questions.


Brian Beers