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Massively grow your income by investing in people, process & technology

Welcome to Business with Beers by me, Brian Beers. I am an entrepreneur, real estate investor & business coach. I’ve started a podcast & this newsletter/blog to educate & inspire other business owners who want to massively grow their income & contribution.

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We will be talking about investing in people, process & technology. We’ll be exploring goal setting & having the right mindset. We’ll touch on utilizing virtual assistants, marketing, how to attract & retain talented people. We’ll also have some great book recommendations along the way.

As an entrepreneur you wear a lot of different hats. As you grow you start to replace yourself and move higher up the ladder which creates new challenges. The primary focus is to learn what challenges were from others and how they were solved.

There’s a famous quote “when you stop growing you start dying”. We need to be constantly growing in all aspects of our life. Family, business, income, relationships, health, wealth & personal development. In order to grow we have to understand that what got us here today will not get us to where we want to go. Growth happens just outside our comfort zone. Think of stretching a rubber band. Each time you stretch it becomes a little bigger. In order to grow you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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