Thursday Three: 6-to-7 Figure Online Courses & Hiring for Hyper Growth

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This past week I had Paul Xaiver on the show. Paul is a fellow GoBundance brother of mine who’s built multiple 6 to 7 figure (over $1 million) businesses in the online education space.

The online education space is booming. If you have any interest in learning how to build an online course or coaching program you’ll definitely gonna want to checkout this episode and start following Paul.

I’ve learned a ton from him already. Checkout his website to learn more.

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On my Thursday solo episode I dove into a “behind the scenes” look at the online course/coaching program I’m in process of launching based on everything I’ve learned from Paul.

My program is going to teach other entrepreneurs how to expand their business using owner financing. Many people, both buyers & sellers, don't realize you can buy an existing profitable business with little money down without going to a bank or the SBA, or putting up your house.

Once you learn how to find deals & explain the benefits in simple terms it becomes very easy to implement. Since I’ve learned this process in the last 4 years we’ve acquired over $6 million worth of businesses & real estate using owner financing.

#1 Solve a Specific Problem

To have a successful program it needs to solve a specific problem for people.

The problem my target client has is they want to expand their business and love the concept of owner financing but not sure where to get started. How do they find deals? How do they educate sellers on the benefits to convince them? How do they negotiate the terms to create win-win scenarios? How do they structure the deal for maximum protection & tax benefits?

#2 Target “Higher Level” Customers

One of the gold nuggets I got from the interview with Paul is the best ROI can come from targeting higher level clients. In my case a higher-level entrepreneur is someone who already has an established successful business. They know how to hire people, they know systems, processes, and are already making good money. They have the ability and resources to act immediately on the information that I’m providing, delivering instant value. 

#3 Start with Group Coaching

Paul recommends to start with a group coaching model for a couple reasons.

First: pre-recorded courses take a ton of time to build. Scripting, recording, editing, & uploading. You could invest hundreds of hours creating a course that’s just mediocre or is a huge fail. You don’t want to create the course in a vacuum.

Second: by teaching the content live via group coaching you get immediate feedback from the students on what makes sense, what doesn’t, what should we go deeper on, what should be eliminated. The course is now be created in the open with help from the people who are benefiting from it.

Third: launch a second (or even third) group, each time updating the content based on the feedback. This creates a continuous feedback loop and ultimately a kick-ass course that delivers a ton of value.

Click here if you’re interested in being part of my initial program launch.

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One Quote

"Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it." - Benjamin Graham

With the uncertain times ahead it’s important to remember not to worry about things we can’t control

One Tweet

While we’re on the subject of online courses….

Dickie’s got a great summary between the differences of bad & good courses.

The bad ones are created in a vacuum. Just pouring out information, your life story & systems that only makes sense to creator.

The good ones are created in collaboration with the actual clients. Understanding where people on and where they want to go.

Accountability is key. Many people purchases courses/books/coaching and do nothing with the information. Get an accountability system in place if you’re serious about turning knowledge into action.

One Podcast

Hiring for Hyper Growth with the 9-Figure CEO Whisperer, Cameron Herold

I’ve been following Cameron Herold ever since I read his book Vivid Vision over 2 years ago. Besides being a best selling author of multiple books he was the COO of 1-800 Got Junk who grew it from a $2M to $100M in 6 years.

If you are looking to add a rockstars to your team then you’re gonna want to listen to this episode. Cameron lays out his process to attract & hire “A Players”. He talks about flipping the script - getting the A-Player candidates selling you instead you selling them.

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