Top 10 Franchises Under $250k

All quick-to-launch mobile concepts

Most people mistakenly only think of franchises as McDonalds, Dunkin, & other high-cost retail brands.

Here are my top 10 mobile franchises that you can start for $250k or less.

Mobile franchises are much quicker & less expensive to start. These can be operated from home or small industrial/flex space.

The start-up cost estimates are for one territory. Franchisors provide an itemized breakdown of the investment in their FDD

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1) That 1 Painter

$85k to $116k start-up

Only 2-3 employees to start. All painters are sub-contractors

The franchisor runs all content creation, marketing, lead gen, & call center. Your local team estimates, sells & manages the workflow.

2) Rolling Suds

$200k to $250k start-up

They are on a mission to become the nation's biggest power-washing company

They focus on big commercial jobs plus residential work, bringing professionalism to an unprofessional industry.

3) Voda Cleaning & Restoration

$146k to $198k start-up

Two businesses in one:

1) Carpet cleaning for consistent cash flow

2) Water mitigation for high-ticket, insurance-paid jobs

4) Pinks Window Services

$96k to $132k start-up

Simple recurring revenue model cleaning windows.

Backed by ResiBrands (same as That 1 Painter) brings in-house content creation, call center, coaching & more.

5) Zoom Drain

$228k to $428k start-up

Essential, niche service with a larger barrier to entry due to special tools & equipment

Minimal licensing requirements in most states

6) Best Choice Roofing

$113k to $196k start-up

Roofing is the #1 mistrusted home service. A national franchise helps establish trust & confidence

This model is primarily insurance-driven

7) Bloomin Blinds

$105k to $182k start-up

They are the only blinds franchise that does repairs. This is a huge competitive advantage when money is tight

8) Schooley Mitchell

$70k to $80k start-up

B2B cost-reduction business

Get paid to help businesses save money!

9) Ben Franklin Plumbing

$128k to $223k start-up

Essential, everyday plumbing needs with low start-up costs

Owners don't need plumbing experience

10) Soccer Stars

$73k to $106k start-up

Very low operating costs with huge potential in one of the fastest-growing sports in America.

Must enjoy working with kids

More Brands

This is just a start. There's also:

  • Popsicles

  • Senior Care

  • Pest Control

  • Junk Removal

  • House Cleaning

  • Dumpster Rentals

  • Doggy Poop Pickup

  • Mobile Pet Grooming

  • Windows & Insulation

  • Pavement Maintenance

  • Lawn Care & Mosquitoes

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