Wildlife, Pest Control, Christmas Lights & More!

5 Revenue Streams with Skedaddle

Want to build a recession-resistant empire?

  • Multiple revenue streams

  • Some recurring revenue

  • Huge need, not a want

  • Costs under $100k

  • Very scalable

Meet Skedaddle:

Wildlife removal is the bread-and-butter business for Skedaddle.

Meet your new roommates. 👇

Do you personally want to mess with a mama raccoon who will do anything to protect her babies?

Most of us (non-crazy people) are going to hire professionals. Skedaddle humanely removes the raccoon and seals the home to prevent future break-ins.

They also implement a targeted marketing campaign to inspect & protect other homes in the neighborhood.

Skedaddle was founded in 1989 by Bill Dowd in Canada

He's grown his Canadian corporate-run empire to 20+ units, 100 employees doing $15M+ sales per year. Today 40+ units are operating between Canada & US

It's not just raccoons. They also remove bats, mice, skunks, squirrels, & any other unwanted creatures like birds in a home improvement store (crapping all over product & customers)

The 5 Revenue Streams

1) Wildlife removal - busiest in the Spring when babies are born

2) Pest control - in booms in the Fall when rats, mice, spiders, wasps, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies & fleas go indoors. Great recurring revenue

3) Mosquitos (launching shortly) - a Summer business from April to October. Great recurring revenue

4) Christmas Lights - seems random at first until you realize you've already got ladders and employees who climb on roofs. Bill's corporate business does $1M/yr in Christmas lights with a 75%+ retention rate.

5) Attic restoration - franchisees can add on later. Raccoons & other animals pee & poo all over the attic insulation. Most customers replace it after wildlife is removed. You can keep this high-ticket job instead of referring out.

Earnings Potential

In the 2022 FDD, they only provide financials for one US franchise location in Wisconsin. It's been steadily growing for the past 2 years.

As part of your due diligence, you’ll also speak with the Candidate franchisees who’ve been in business for years.

Start-Up Costs & Ideal Franchisees

A single territory of 500k population is $89k to $238k

The range depends on working capital, holiday lighting inventory & more. The more territories you buy, the cheaper the franchise fee

No raccoon-wrangling experience is required. They are looking for go-getters who want to build a team

I did a podcast episode with the founder a few weeks ago. We dove into the business model, his $15M/year corporate operation, and much more.

Next Steps

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