Top 3 Home Service Franchises in 2023

Mobile, quick to launch, & scalable

Home services is one of the hottest franchise categories right now

Here’s why:

Consumer Demand

"Do It For Me" - there's been a cultural shift from "do it yourself" to "do it for me". My dad's generation fixes everything at home. My generation hires other people to do it. This trend is only getting stronger.

More Time At Home - Many people now have a home office or plan to add one. They locked in a 2-3% interest rate and don't plan to move for a while. Since they are staying put, they invest in improving their home.

Fragmented & Unprofessional - there are many small, unprofessional businesses with fly-by-night operations. It's hard to tell who's legit and who's not. People want to do business with professional, process-driven companies.

Business Model

"Do It For Me" - modern brands apply the "do it for me" trend to franchisees. They do all the lead gen, call centers to set appointments, hiring, bookkeeping, and other "turn-key" services so franchisees can focus on driving sales & profits.

Strong Unit Economics - since home services are mobile, they have quick launches, low start-up costs and low ongoing overhead compared to a retail business

Scalable - you can start small with one territory and organically grow by re-investing profits to 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. Start with multiple territories to accelerate growth, if well-capitalized.

Top 3 Home Service Franchises in 2023

In addition to the above, these brands have a lot in common:

  • Franchisee-first mentality

  • 10+ years of operating history

  • Forward-thinking CEOs in their 30's

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#1 That 1 Painter

That 1 Painter is the fastest-growing painting franchise in the country.

Today they have 244 territories, over 200 sold in 2023. At this rate, they will become the largest painting company in America by 2025.

I bought out all Greater Philadelphia (13 territories) doing their "investor model". The first three territories launch in February.

That 1 Painter is a sales and marketing company that happens to paint houses. Our sales team will quote on the spot and follow up with calls/emails/texts until the customer decides. We run a quarterly sales-a-thon & door knock when it's slow.

That 1 Painter is an excellent option if you love a sales-driven culture.

There are still many great territories available in the country. Start-up costs are $88k to $117k for a single territory. With the investor model, you start with at least 5 territories and hire a Regional Director from day 1.

Read more about my investment & the brand.

#2 Rolling Suds

Rolling Suds is the fastest-growing power-washing company in America.

The founding location in Philly has 30+ years of operating history. They started franchising in March 2023. In 9 months, they went from 0 to 100 territories throughout the country.

Anyone can start a power washing company with a $300 machine from Home Depot. Why franchise it?

Rolling Suds is playing a different game. They are focused on the commercial business, such as a $10,000 job from an HOA to wash every house in the neighborhood.

Or 20+ Taco Bells every quarter, 200+ unit apartment buildings, water towers, government buildings, parking garages, etc.

They also do residential work but have a huge competitive advantage on the B2B commercial accounts. Franchisees must be comfortable building B2B relationships and selling big jobs.

Many great markets are available in every state. Franchisees start with 2 or 3 territories, an investment of $210k to $280k.

Read more about Rolling Suds here.

#3 Voda Cleaning & Restoration

Voda has two lines of business: carpet cleaning & restoration.

The founding location started 14 years ago in Virginia. They started franchising in 2023 and sold 45 units across the country.

Carpet cleaning provides consistent, predictable revenue that you can start getting immediately.

Restoration (water & mold remediation) jobs are high-ticket but less predictable. Insurance normally pays for these jobs.

Great restoration operators can build massive businesses (look at ServPro and ServiceMaster)

Both services (carpets & restoration) use the same water-extraction equipment & labor. This dilutes your fixed costs & increases your margins.

Many great markets are available in every state. A single territory costs $146k to $198k.

Read more about Voda here.

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